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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  March 13, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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japan officials today acknowledged that it's likely up to 10,000 people died in the earthquake and tsunami. that is five times as many deaths than officials have been estimating just yesterday. right now there are still thousands upon thousands of people missing as well. in some areas, the population of entire towns have just disappeared. the situation in northeastern japan is growing more dire by the day. getting food and water to the area is proving to be challenging. nbc has several news crews in japan reporting on the very latest. we want to check in with nbc bay area's george kiriyama. he's in narita near the airport and he joins us by phone. hello, george. >> repter: hello, diane. good evening back there and good morning from where we are at. those images in the video you've been talking about that you're seeing back in the states, we're a few hours away from the sendai and fukushima area. while the buildings around here at the airport definitely rattled and rolled a few days ago during the initial quake, at
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least they're still standing, so people at least have a home or a place to go to. but those in the sendai area, many of them don't have homes anymore. and they're camped out in shelters or wherever they can. you have entire neighborhoods literally washed away and what's left are, as you've seen in the video, pieces of wood, broken concrete, piles of metal. you have many families who haven't seen or heard from loved ones. they don't have if they're alive or dead. japanese families don't know if they have aunts and uncles still alive. we have friends and people in the united states who are wondering about loved ones over here. to even drive up to that area, that's a challenge in itself. many people -- giving up after being stuck in traffic for hours. here in the narita area, we have felt the aftershocks. at least seven since we arrived last night. the latest one happened about an hour ago. the strongest one happened last night while we were sleeping. and you know when one of them starts, you start wondering is this going to be another big one. the one last night that woke us
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up, the windows rattled, the furniture rattled. i'm rooming with a fellow reporter from knbc in los angeles. it woke us both up. and you get nervous when you hear this and feel it definitely. i have to say seven in one night, in a 24-hour period, that's more than i have probably felt in the last, say, ten years. diane. >> absolutely, george. and what about when you checked into the hotel. any precautions, anything they're telling you as far as what to be aware of or where to go if anything happens? >> reporter: i think in terms of the communication between the hotel management and guests, obviously if something does happen, they are going to notify us of places to go or of what to do, but last night it was -- you know, i think their main objective is to make sure that their guests are comfortable and taken care of. we do see quite a few number of tourists here and travelers
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here. we've heard a number of countries telling their citizens not to travel to japan at this moment. but we do see a number of tourists. at the airport last night -- oh, another aftershock right now. hold on. >> okay. >> reporter: the room is shaking. >> keep talking to us. >> reporter: still shaking. >> all right. >> reporter: getting stronger. it's getting stronger. this is probably one of the stronger ones. this is similar to the one that i felt that woke us up. it's still shaking here. >> so should you be under the -- >> reporter: we're still shaking here, diane. >> okay. should you be under a desk or something, george? tell me you're something safe. >> reporter: if it violent i wi. this one i'd have to say right now is one of the stronger ones. we're still swaying a bit. my colleagues are up on the
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ninth floor right now. conan nolan from knbc is -- that's on the top floor, so i'm sure they're feeling it, because the higher you go r up, you sta feeling more of the sway. >> george, i was actually in japan a couple of years ago when there was quite a large earthquake and one of the things that struck me was how much the buildings move. i assume the building you're in is relatively new and it's designed to move a whole lot? >> reporter: yes, i believe so. you know what it feels like, i feel like i'm on a boat in the middle of the ocean and that's kind of what it feels like right now. okay, the shaking just stopped. that had to be probably the stronger -- the strongest one since we've been here. that would make it eight aftershocks now. >> and that lasted pretty long as well, george. >> reporter: yeah. i take it that, again, the quake is probably originating from that sendai fukushima area and we're just feeling the
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earthquake town here in tokyo. you know, that's what we're assuming. we don't know where the epicenter or anything is at this point. most of them aren't being generated from that area and then we're feeling it down here in the tokyo and narita area. >> and the biggest problem and fear with that is all these buildings up in the northeastern area that are just barely holding on and we get those strong aftershocks and it can create all kinds of damage up there. >> reporter: yes, that's true. so it's now stopped, so it's almost as if nothing even happened. >> right. >> reporter: you just kind of hold on and you start assessing is this going to be very, very strong. of course get under the desk or go to the corner where the door is and hold on. >> all right. george, thank you very much for that report. we will continue to check in with you throughout the night as well as again at 11:00 tonight. >> reporter: okay. thank you, diane. >> thanks, george. as we've been reporting, a san jose family is waiting anxiously for any word on their daughter who was in japan when the earthquake hit in the
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hardest-hit areas. kimberly tere is in san jose with that story for us. kimberly. >> reporter: diane, as you can imagine, a lot of anxiety in one san jose home tonight as they await any word on their loved ones. you just heard george say it, communications are difficult in japan. it's difficult getting any word on loved ones. megan walsh is using the internet right now any way she can to get information about her sister, cannon. the 25-year-old arrived in japan the day before the earthquake and tsunami struck. she taught english in a port village for two years but just moved back to california maybe six months ago. over the summer she was back in japan to attend graduation for some of her students. >> a visited her in 2009 and met a lot of the people that have lost their homes and stuff, so it's difficult not only not knowing where she is but just knowing how concerned she is for the community that she was a part of. >> reporter: the last contact
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she made was with friends in japan. she sent a text message about an hour before the earthquake struck. her family is hoping she had enough time to make it to higher ground at that point. since it's daytime now in japan, her family is in their home right now using twitter, they're using facebook, they're using google looking for anything that can show them maybe a photo, give them some relief that she is alive, that she is well. live in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. and farther north in crescent city, damage from friday's tsunami is estimated in the 10 ofs millions of dollars. authorities are reporting 47 boats were damaged, 11 sunken vessels that are a total loss. one boat has been grounded by rough waters and there's major damage to the moorings and to the docks. total damage at the harbor is estimated at $25 million. here's some video from the harbor. crews are getting their first up-close look at the damage throughout the harbor. repeated surges caused extensive damage to a number of boats in the harbor.
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>> three boats sunk and docks are completely destroyed. this harbor is shut down for god knows how long. >> people there who remember the 1964 tsunami that destroyed much of crescent city know they have dodged a catastrophe this time, unlike japan. and in santa cruz response teams are working with boat owners to move all undamaged vessels to open slips. divers are part of the effort. crews are also removing hazardous debris and containing pollution threats in the harbor. emergency teams will remain there until at least another week and the harbor won't reopen until march 20th we're told at the very earliest. "dateline" has a special report with lester holt. he's reporting from the disaster zone in japan. stay tuned for it coming up tonight at 7:00 right here on nbc bay area. and you can get the very latest on the disaster in japan right now and throughout the night on we have the re to prevent a nuclear meltdown, more information on that. also updates from george kiriyama on the ground in japan.
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you can follow his journey on also coming up next at 6:00, we have other news. bart crews are scrambling to clear a ten-car train from the tracks after a serious derailment today. we'll have a live report and the possible commute problems tomorrow morning straight ahead. sick of high prices at the pump? well, a bay area company claims to have an answer for you. and a tough day. st. mary's awaited its fate for the ncaa tournament coming up late in sports.
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>>reook lt r o radar this evening. you can see some of the heavy rain pushing from alamo into daille, westward int san bruno and san mateo. that rain just rea iing palo f your monday morning sw ch i commute? a look at your forecast coming up. ni
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two bart cars derailed today completely off the tracks and
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the monday morning commute could be challenging. nbc pay area's monty francis is in concord with the very latest for us. >> reporter: well, diane, good evening. crews brought in a crane and are now working to clear the tracks of those derailed cars. you can see behind me there's still a few of those derailed cars on the tracks. the transit agency now says it could be all night before the tracks are completely clear, and that could spell trouble for the morning commute. the derailment happened at about 9:20 this morning on a train bound for san francisco international airport. just after it left the concord station. there were 65 people on board. bart officials say the train was traveling at a slow rate of speed when the last two cars came off the tracks. three people were taken to the hospital with minor back injuries. everyone else was all right and evacuated safely. again, the work here could take all night and there's a chance it might not be done in time for the morning commute. >> the second to last and third to last cars somehow came off
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the track. we have investigating why, we just don't know. as i also understand it, there was some work in the area, some track work in the area and we were single tracking around it. this was the first train to start single tracking around the work. >> reporter: in the meantime passengers are being bussed between the pleasant hill and pittsburg bay point bart stations because there is currently no train service east of pleasant hill. bart officials are working on a contingency plan just in case this work doesn't get done by morning, but they're hoping that it won't come to that. live in concord, monte francis, nbc bay area news. we'll have more news coming up, but first rob. >> and we're watching a soggy evening around the bay area right now, especially around the east bay. you can see some of thosee heavierho showers rolling into danville and s ramon and still raining around san mateo and sau wh c you expect for the workweek ahead? a look at your forecast when we come back. eakfast for dinner.
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chances are your budget is taking a hit from rising oil and gas prices and the disaster in japan will likely cause prices to go up even more. japan will have to import more fuel, natural gas and oil to make up for the energy the country would normally get from those nuclear power plants that are now shut down and malfunctioning. so here's a look at gas prices right now. the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in san francisco is officially more than $4 pby just a penny. that's up nearly a dollar from this time last year. it's 3.97 in oakland and san jose. beyond the gas station you pay more for just p everything else you need. scott budman as a look at a silicon valley company that's trying to help people save some of that money.
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>> reporter: close to 90% of what we buy from food to gadgets comes to us on a ship. ships are paying a lot more these days to fuel up, and because those costs are passed along to us, software from sunnyvale's applied weather technology is in high demand because it helps ships save gas and save money. >> it could cost anywhere between a half a million and a million dollars for a ship to cross the pacific, and we can save anywhere between 5% and 10% on fuel costs, so you can save between $25,000 and $100,000 in fuel. >> reporter: basically the software works in two ways, on board a ship where the captain with steer clear of bad weather, and from this desk, where awt employees monitor shipping channels, telling cargo-carrying vessels how to find the most efficient route. it's a combination that saves about $200 million a year in fuel costs. >> in effect, we're really using
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silicon valley technology and applying it to a very traditional industry, and that is the shipping industry, and making a difference to help save fuel costs, help save time an ultimately help save money. >> reporter: and by using less fuel, our air is kept a little cleaner. one ship and one map at a time. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> all right. let's check in with rob mayeda on the weather. a little rainy, kind of gray. what's going on? >> right now of course we've got the rain coming through, but during the day today it was downright you almost would say balmy outside. we got to 71 degrees in south san jose reported by weather watcher steve. 67, also upper 60s around the south bay. san jose 65, 63 in san francisco, livermore 66 and san ramon as well another spot that got to 70 now. cooling off obviously as the rain flies through the air. 59 in san rafael, 65 earlier in
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napa. we're still seeing low 60s so you don't really need a winter coat but you need the umbrella as the rain is flying. winds picking up 5 to 15 miles per hour to the south and southwest. here is the rain line right now parked itself over the central part of the bay area. this is the main event. as this gets out of here, we will be drying out heading into monday morning. but for now you're seeing the rain from san leandro over to san bruno and san mateo. now crossing over to redwood city. between now and 7:00 we'll start to see that spilling down through the rest of the santa clara valley and across highway 17. then maybe a few lingering showers for morgan hill and gilroy for the morning but that should be about it. as the main event comes tomorrow, i think it will be the storm-driven surf on the coast. this was a long storm fanning pretty good winds across the water. tomorrow look out for the high surf advisory. again, the showers pretty much over and done with as we get to monday. come tuesday we'll see another
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chance of rain. surf not quite as high. temperatures still pretty mild. 50s to 60s as we start the week. but the trend by the end of the week will be seeing cooler temperatures and eventually lowering snow levels out by the sierra. for your monday morning commute for the most part it does look dry. as we get into the tuesday morning commute, that's where we'll see the rain again. then things will relatively dry out for wednesday. then another round comes in thursday into friday so we just can't string those dry days together for the next workweek ahead or obviously over the next seven days. tonight temperatures in the 40s an 50s, rain at times mainly between now and i would say 1:00 in the morning. then as we head towards tomorrow morning we should see some clear and another pretty mild afternoon. upper 60s for parts of the south bay again. 65 degrees around san jose. low 60s near san francisco. look out for the high surf advisy on the coast through the day tomorrow. for the east bay we'll see highs in the mid-60s around concord and pittsburg. north bay temperatures mostly in the low to mid-60s. so tomorrow should be the warmest and probably one of the
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driest days we'll see over the week. then the rain comes back for tuesday. another round due in for thursday into friday but the difference is the systems at the end of the week is it will drop down from the gulf of alaska which means highs back in the 50s and more sierra snow, ski season could go on through may and june at this point the way things are storms,>> me storms, >> thanks a lot, rob. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] escape convention. ♪ escape definition. ♪ escape compromise.
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♪ introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ welcome to the darker side of green. ♪ video from miyoko city. take a look at that. it sent ships crashing onto highway overpasses, taking out all those cars. the water carried houses, cars and debris for up to ten miles. then look at that ship, the boat, and right underneath the overpass there. roughly 9500 people in one northern town alone are missing tonight, which gives you a sense of why leaders are now saying
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they expect the death toll to climb above 10,000 people. we'll have much more on the devastation in japan throughout this newscast and of course nbc news is airing a special edition of "dateline" live from japan. lester holt is in tokyo. ann curry is on her way to sendai. that's coming up tonight at 7:00. we'll also check back with george kiriyama who's in japan. we'll do that of course at 11:00 tonight. right now we want to check in, change gears a little bit. we're checking in with lawrence scott and disappointment at st. mary's. >> when you see images like that, the ncaa tournament doesn't make too much sense but st. mary's looking at their march madness hopes taking a different turn. the selection sunday has folks scratching their heads tonight. we'll dive into why plus what's next for the gaels as we hear from head coach randy bennett. as you get your brackets ready, we world series world see rematch round 2 in arizona. the giants visiting the rangers. sports next.
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good evening. this is the danger of not winning your conference tournament when you're a mid-major program. st. mary's thinking the credentials were there but the ncaa selection committee had other ideas and the gaels' bubble status was bigger than most bracketologists had us believe. they watched the brackets unfold late this afternoon waiting and waiting to finally learn that gonzaga was going to be an 11 seed and since the bull logs beat the gaels, st. mary's was not going to have a higher seed and thus the opportunities between 12 and 16 just were not there this season. keep in mind this is raw, because the gaels looked good
6:26 pm
against the conference, they had a good rpi and beat non-conference teams like st. john's who will be the six seed facing gonzaga. now st. mary's will play in the nit tournament, the invitational for the teams that did not make the field of 68 this year. they will host kent state this tuesday. by the way, cal hosts ole miss on wednesday in the nit. for st. mary's,it's nice to be recognized but this was not what the gaels had in mind for the postseason. >> i thought we got snubbed three years ago. we had a really, really good team that year. and then this year to have it happen again, it's tough. that's the only way i can explain it. we're just going to have to get tough and play well in the nit. but right now it's tough. it's tough on our kids. i'm proud of them. they have done about everything they could to put themselves in. it's just -- it doesn't make a lot of sense to me right now how -- how we're not in, but we aren't and that's reality.
6:27 pm
so we've got to deal with it. >> disappointed a little bit. obviously we want to be in the ncaa tournament, but i mean two years ago when we played the nit, it was a great experience, so i mean our guys are mature enough to turn the page, take it as a slap in the face and get ready to go. >> so no bay area teams in the ncaa tournament this year. good news for city college of san francisco tonight, though. the rams won their first men's championship in 49 years. so much college basketball talk, we cannot forget spring training. another world series rematch in the spring here for the giants. this time at the home. rangers. tommy hunter is going to have orange and black nightmares soon. the giants really have the rangers number. two runs, two hits for sandoval. hunter gave up nine hits. brandon bell nearly clears the fence but it's an rbi double that brings sandoval home again. after hunter was chased, former a's pitcher arthur rhodes was in for an inning where nate just unleashes a monster shot on a
6:28 pm
monster day. 11-8 the giants beat the rangers again. the a's playing today. mark ellis taking to center here what brings home david dejesus, who's motoring around all the way to the plate, avoiding the tag for oakland's third run of the inning. later hideki matsui gets the pitch he needed to end a slump that came off houston street. a tough several days for matsui watching the disaster in his home country of japan. he had been on a one for 21 skid so the hit a bit of relief. they beat the rockies today. our coverage begins nightly at 10:30 on sportsnet central on comcast sportsnet bay area. that's a look what's going on with sports. and the gaels doing what they thought would be the dance, the ncaa tournament, but it will be the nit instead with cal. >> thank you, laurence. thanks for choosing the bay area at 6:00. wine country is coming up next. after that "dateline" has a special report with lester holt. he's in japan.
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that's at 7:00 right here on nbc bay area. our george kiriyama is in japan and will be posting reports online at we'll have more from george tonight at 11:00. we'll see you then. it's no surprise that political revolts in the mideast have spiked our gas prices. what's surprising is after four years of wrangling, california still has no renewable energy mandate for the future. i'm suzanne shaw, editorial director. the goal of our current law will be met this year with 20% renewable power in our electricity. so what's next? we believe that the senator's new bill calling for 33% renewables by 2020. california is rich in renewable energy, wind, solar, geothermal. the bay area has often led environmental reforms with broad public support. with our venture


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